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Ride Rewards Loyalty Program

The Ride Rewards program has been rebuilt from the ground up.

We now are a punch card platform that every visit you have with us you will receive 1 digital punch. When you accumulate enough punches, you can cash them in for discounts, free items and other prizes.

When you want to join the Ride Rewards program you will be given a card that has a QR Code on the back. This is your punch card. When you get in the taxi you just show your driver the QR code and they will scan it, and you will receive your digital punch. You can scan it on your own phone or go to the website to see your punches, along with the rewards you are able to receive based on your punch balance.

Rewards consist of discounts on your taxi fare, free wait time, and gift cards to local businesses.
February 1, 2019 will be the last day you may sign up for the Rewards Prgram. February 15, 2019 we are no longer offering the Ride Rewards Program. Terms and Conditions

Begining March 1, 2019 we will have a NEW and improved Rewards Program.

This new program will be different from what we have had in the past. You will use your cellphone to opt in to receive messages from us. We will send up to 2 messages a month. These messages will let you know what you are rewarded. There will be instructions how to redeem these rewards when you receive the message.

Here is a short list of what you might receive from us.
– Discounts on your rides.
– Free added stops
– Extra enteries to our promoitonal drawings



We have promtions throughout the year. These prmotions are a great way fo you to earn discounts on trips, earn free items from local stores and restaurants. Above all these promotions are a great way to have fun and get involved. Some of the promtions are just for current customers, while others are for the entire community.

Past Promotions

Some of our past promtions include:
-Easter Lottery Scratchers Cards
-Raffel for United States Flag Afghan
-Thanksgiving Dinner Drawing
-Christmas Gift Giveaway
-Plus more.

Keep an eye out for great promsotions.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportaiton

Toward the middle of this year we have signed a contract to become an in-network provider for United Health Group via National Med Trans. This means that recipients of Medicare with Untied Health Care can call National Med Trans and set up a ride, NGT will be contacted about your trip and we will come pick you up. You will pay nothing for this trip. These trips are only to go to approved doctors and hospitals for health services.

Work & School Discount Program

We know the struggle to get to and from work or school when you do not have a way, and haing to pay full rates for a taxi seems like you cant set money back so you can afford to buy a car of your own. We want to help you out.

With this program, you will have to meet a few requirements to be eligible. Depending on how often you need to go to work or school, will determine how much your discount will be.

You must go to work or school at least 3 days per week. You will be required to use our services each week at for the number of days you have agreed upon, if you fall below this number your discount will be reduced or taken away and you will be charge the full amount.
The more days per week you use us, the bigger the discount.

Click Here to Apply for the Program

Local Food Delivery

This service is still in the planning process

When this service becomes available, there will be 3 ways for you to get your food delivered.

First way:

We will have a website built that has all the local restaurant’s menus, You will be able to go the restaurant(s) you choose and selsct the food you like. Then you place the order.

Second way:

You call the restaurants you would like to order from, and order the food for pickup. Then you call us and give us the location, times and name for the pickup.

Thrid Way:

You give us a call and we take your order over the phone and then we place the order for you.

Whichever way you chose, we will pay for and pickup your order and we will deliver the food right to your door.
There will be a small delivery fee added to your total.

Ride Sharing

If you are not familiar with what ridesharing is, let me explain. Ridesharing is where we have contracted individuals that drive their own private vehicles that will come to your door and pick you up. These driver will have a clean background, safe driving record, they will be drug tested, and trained to do this service. We will do all this to ensure you that you are taken care of and are safe while you are with the driver.

This service will be started with only one or two drivers, that way we can test out to see if people are going to use this service in these smaller towns. 
These contracted drivers be able to accept both cash and credit cards.

These types are trips will be primarily booked by the customer calling a dedicated line, The trips are dispatced to the an app on the drivers phone. The driver will complete the trip in the their phone. If you are paying with a credit card, the driver will be able to swipe the card using a 3rd party credit card processing company that we have partnered with.

Local Grocery Delivery

Once we get the food delivery, and ridesharing under our belts, we will add grocery shopping to our services. This will be where you can use our website to order the items that you want picked up and we will do the shopping for you. This will not be limited to just groceries, this will be anything that the store sells. If you order age restricted item we will require you to upload a picture ID to the site before placing the order. Once the items have been picked up and paid for we will check your ID at the door as well. We will not deliver any age restricted items to minors.If the ID uploaded to the account does not match the person ordering the age restricted items or an adult that is at the residence at the time of delivery, those items will be returned to the place of business in which they were bought from.

If you have any input on this service please fell free to fill out our contact form.

Charge Accounts

We understand that you may have to go somewhere important and that you may not have the funds to pay for the trip. We currently do have a “Payment Agreement” form. We have done away with them. However, we are going to start Charge Accounts. You will need to apply for this account. Which means you must apply in advance to see if you are approved for a charge account.  We will detemine if the account is right for you and we will give you a credit limit. Once that limit is reached, trips will be denied. There will be interest charged to the accounts that are outstanding.

We are working hard to get this form complete and available as soon as possible. Until this is complete we will continue with the Payment Agreements.